Saturday, March 31, 2012

Where Are They Now? We Are 8 Months!

One of the purposes of this blog is to inform expectant mothers, parents or caregivers about premature infants  such as their development but also to educate and relate to those about babies in general, more specifically, raising twins. My blog incorporates many different avenues, I like to think, I offer tips, advice and stories for everyone, including those who do not have children...yet.

When I first began this blog, I wanted to share stories about being a new mom to twin girls who were also born 2 months early. As I started writing and receiving comments, I realized that I had a lot more to offer, advice, tips, secrets, not just about raising premature infants but on raising babies in general. Parenthood is sometimes an experiment; we figure out what works, what doesn't and try to fix it depending on the baby.

My soon to be husband and I (yes, we finally set a date) are asked many questions on our daily trips with the girls, but the main question that is asked is "how do we do it?" That question will be answered in a different blog or perhaps, a video of a typical day for us, however, we sometimes receive comments on the size of the girls.

Technically, the girls are 8 months, gestational (the age due to being born early) is 6 months. Frankly, I do not put too much emphasis on their gestational age. Some parents of preemie think gestational age plays a significant role and it does, but they get so wrapped into it that they think their infant will also we a preemie.

Unfortunately, being born early may cause some delays (some more significant than others) in development. Although for some babies (full term included) may reach milestones later on or not at all, as a parent of twins who were born early, I pay close attention. It becomes apparent as to whom has it what milestone because I have two.

As I share my beautiful girls in the world (yes, I am bias) with the social media community, many wonder how they are developing. I received a comment through an email from a person who assumed that because the girls were born early that they would automatically encounter disabilities later in life. I am not sure what the future will hold, but as of date, my girls are developing wonderfully. But, do not take my opinion, take the opinion of their doctor as well.

I have stated in several blogs that I was truly blessed that my girls did so well after being born 2 months premature. As they grow, I can see where being born early is affecting them. For starters, the girls are a lot shorter than most babies that are their age. It could also be that their parents are short. The girls have smaller feet and hands but weigh almost 20lbs (probably more). With the physical appearances indicating that they were born early, for the most part, the development says otherwise, mostly, they are right on target.

So, how are the girls doing? :Let's take a look.

Mya, first day of spring
Age: 8 Months and One Week

Weight: 19lbs 6oz (This can change on Monday, April 2nd)

Length: ?

Biggest Accomplishments at 7 months: Tripod sit for more than 30 seconds, getting the hang of walking, reaching and grabbing.

Full term developments at 8 months (If she was born at full term: According to, Your baby's now exploring objects by shaking them, banging them, dropping them, and throwing them before falling back on the tried-and-true method of gumming them. The idea that you do something with an object is beginning to emerge (using a comb to tidy hair), so an activity center with lots of things your baby can bang, poke, twist, squeeze, shake, drop, and open will fascinate. Your baby will also be mesmerized by toys that have specific functions, such as phones. If she can't hold it up to her ear herself, do it for her and pretend to have a conversation. Over the next few months, she'll start to use objects for their intended purposes — brushing her hair, drinking from a cup, and babbling on her play phone.
What is Mya up to at 8 months? Mya can now sit upright and as mentioned, she is exploring objects, shaking them and putting them in her mouth before she drops them. This girl is on the move, thanks to her Aunt for donating a walker, Mya takes off and before you know it she is the kitchen when she started off in the living room! At the beginning of 4 months, Mya was lifting her self up during tummy and lifts her head and back off the floor, which she continues to do. Mya is going to by pass crawling is going to just walk. She is still fussy at times, but she is just a baby who knows what she wants. She continues to open her little mouth for food and is now grabbing the spoon to do it herself. She has not holding the bottle just yet, but we are working on it. She loves the Iphone, every second she is scrolling the screen with her fingers and ending phone calls with her grandma (I am not sure if she is doing this on purpose). Mya is still teething and the white fronts of her teeth are beginning to appear.

There are certain things that make her laugh such as spinning her around, her favorite show, Yo Gabba Gabba, she even recognizes the songs from the show when I sing it for her. She has not quite started making "bbb" or "ma" sounds but she is getting there. For the most part, she seems to be quite on track.

Twin Time: I remember when Mya use to never acknowledge her twin sister Milani even though Milani loved her from the begining. Now, the girls laugh at each other and talk all the time. Mya could be in the walker and Milani in the high chair and from across the room they are smiling at eachother and talking. It is a twin thing.

Likes/Dislikes: Mya loves to watch Yo Gabba Gabba and simply be entertained, she does not like to get her hair done.

Milani AKA "MiMi"

Milani, first day of spring
Age: 8 months and one week

Weight: 19lbs 4oz (That Can Change)

Height: 26in?????

Biggest Accomplishments at 7 months: Milani officially began to stand (with support), she also started reaching for objects, however they had to be in close proximity to her hand in order for her to reach it.

What is Milani Up to at 8 Months? While Mya can be the serious twin, Milani always lights up a room with her bubbly, carefree and friendly attitude. Milani always has a smile on her face and says hi to everyone, even strangers. After four months of consistent trying, Milani has now rolled over from the right side to the left while lifting up in tummy time position. Even though she doesn't move as much lifting, she is now rising on her hands rather than her arms. She now can take the pacifier in and out of her mouth as well as grab objects that are not close to her. She is fascinated with putting things her mouth and seeing what they do. Milani has started siting up as well for more than 30 seconds. She is trying to hold her bottle and the spoon during feeding time. Milani also drops objects on the floor. Although Mya is the more needed twin, Milani has begun to find the need to want to be held and receive attention as well. She still grunts at times to communicate.

A book worm at heart, Milani loves Dr Seuss and screams in excitement at each turning page. She has also found her voice, recognizing that she can scream as loud as she wants. Blowing raspberries with the tongue sticking out is her favorite thing to do while talking to Snoopy, the family dog. Always an independent, self soother, Milani can be by herself and be quite content.

Twin Time: Milani has always loved her big sister (by 60 seconds) Mya and she knows that when she screams, Mya laughs and responds. She even knows how to calm Mya down by taken her hand into hers. Sometimes, they act alike and do the same thing at the same time.

Likes/Dislikes: Milani loves to blow raspberries, read and talk to her friend Snoopy. She does not like to be on her back or alone at times.

How are your babies developing? Let us know!