Saturday, October 26, 2013

Easy Fall Crafts For Toddlers: Pumpkin Painting

There was a reason for pumpkin picking with the girls. I love arts and crafts or "activities" as Milani likes to call it. Painting pumpkin is messy but so much fun. Plus, it is really easy.

What you need:

The paint comes in a set of 10
  • Pumpkin
  • Crayola Washable Paint 
  • Old T-Shirts or Smocks 
  • Newspapers
  • Paint Brushes (Find them at Target, Michael's or any craft stores)
  • Paper plate


  • Find a large area for the your toddler or toddlers to have room to paint
  • Place newspaper on the floor. Even though the paint is washable, who feels like wiping up paint off the floor?
  • Place the pumpkins on the newspaper
  • Add the paints in circles on the plates
  • Put smocks or old t-shirts the toddler(s)
  • give a paint brush and let them have at it! 
  • Once they have finished (the children), put the pumpkins with the newspaper attached somewhere high so that your little ones cannot reach. 
  • Let the pumpkins dry

Below are pictures of the girls painting their pumpkins! SHARE your arts and crafts on our facebook page:

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pumpkin Picking With Twins; Tantrums and More

Last week, my mother and I went to my families new residence in Virginia Beach, VA. If anyone lives in Green Run, let me know! I love to do activities with my children and now that they are two, it is so much fun to go out and do more things. I was anxious (my mother as well) to take them pumpkin picking. 

I always think that my children are going to enjoy all the activities, that they share in my excitement. In my mind, my children are well behave. In reality, they are well behave, but they also have their moments. 

When we arrived to the Pumpkin Farm, the girls were ubber (yes, ubber) excited just to get out of the car. As we got closer to the pumpkins, Milani was a little frightened by the size of some of them. Mya, was not interested in the sea of orange and was more content walking around the entire farm. I told her that we could not walk around the farm and she threw herself in the grass to have one of her Mya tantrums. 
Mya having her moment

Usually, I would pick her up and console her. This time, I tried a new tactic. I walked away. To the new moms out there, this might seem extreme. But, it was effective. Why? Because at that moment I turned my back, I heard these little feet coming running after me and then in one second, her little hand cupped mine. The reason? I was not feeding into her attention seeking and at that moment, I had full control. 

Meanwhile, Milani picked out her pumpkin and one for Mya. Milani was so excited that she showed everyone her pumpkin, I mean EVERYONE! She even went to the lady selling flowers and showed her the pumpkin. 

It was a quick visit to the Pumpkin Farm but any day with the girls is a great day!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Toddler Mondays: Mya and Milani's Favorite Words and Phrases

Your favorite twins are now 26 months! It is hard to grasp how much they have a grown. When they were infants I always wonder what they would sound like. What words they would say. In a blink of an eye, the girls have voices, they are speaking sentences, saying new words. Here is a list of some of their favorite words and phrases:

1. "I'm Sorry"

2. "Thank You"

3.  "You're Welcome"

4. "Happy Birthday, Mommy, Happy Birthday Gigi, Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday, Milani, Thank you, Thank you." - Milani

5. "Careful!" -Mya

6. "No, No!"

7. "No, Mya, No" -Milani

8. "Gigi, I'm coloring with crayons." -Milani

9. "I got a bunch of bones inside me!" -Mya

10. "Flowers"

11. "Mama, Mya painting pumpkins too." -Milani

12. "Matoes" -Mya

13. "Nana" -Mya (Banana)

14. "I love you, I love you too" -Mya

I could go on and on. The girls can say all their colors, animals and alphabets. They also love to sing. What are your toddlers saying?