Saturday, December 29, 2012

Mya and Milani: Fav Moments of 2012

As 2012 comes to end, I must say I was continually blessed. I was able to move into a new apartment (which we are about to move again), I was able to go back to work with a new job, found an affordable day care and best of all, I was able to see another year of the growth and development of my now 17 month old twins. Here is my favorite pictures of them from the year 2012. Enjoy!

January 2012
Mya and Milani at 6 months in our second apartment
Mya sits without support

February 2012
Giants in the Superbowl (and won!)
Aunt Taffy and Trippy finally visit the girls

March 2012
Milani finally understands the walker 

Mya understands too

The girls visit their GiGi at work

April 2012 
Easter Church time (Milani)

 Milani visits her Nana (dad's side) she is 94 years old!

Mya and her nanny

May 2012
Mondays on Preemietwinsandme is Milani Mondays (we stopped, but we may continue)
Milani's first tooth comes in 
First day of daycare! 

June 2012
Milani and her uncle
 Mya and GiGi
Fun day at the park

 We are crawling!

July 2012
Happy 1st Birthday Mya and Milani!!

Cake made by Make my Cake in Harlem

Beach theme party and Milani wanted out of the turtle

August 2012

The day at the beach (for the first time)

It was a long day

One of the hottest days in the summer (Mya)

Milani, she looks tan!

September 2012
The twins were trying to escape

At their uncles sixth birthday

October 2012
Milani decides she wants to sit on her play kitchen

We are walking with the push toy!

November 2012
Milani watching Gabba

Mya taking a step

Thanksgiving 2012, with GiGi, great-grandma Bonnie and great-grandpa Boss

 First time at a hotel (Thanksgiving 2012) Just walking around lol

Ordering at Ihop

 Milani discovers how to hug her dolls

December 2012
We were going to take Christmas photos, but it didn't go too well (Mya)

 Milani by our Christmas Tree

 Christmas Morning! Opening the second gift

Milani's first car

Mya has one too.

And there you have it. Our wrap up of 2012. The girls learned to walk, eat more table food and has gone away from baby food. They shake their heads no, clap, mock you, throw tantrums, argue with each other, love each other, and being lovable toddlers. I can't wait to see what is in store for 2013!

Share you photos!

Friday, December 7, 2012

I Say Keep the Stretch Marks and Baby Fat!

Two things mothers can't wait for after the baby is born; work out intense to get their pre-baby figure and get rid of the stretch marks. As I write this blog eating a double chocolate chip fudge cookie from Subway's, you probably see where I am getting at.

Before I gave birth to my twins, I was not a size zero; I had a little budge, but I was not fat. Lets go back even further; all through high school and junior year of college, I was considered skinny. I was 110 lbs forever and it wasn't until I got a car during my junior year of college that the fat kicked in. Yes, I was not affected by the freshmen fifteen, more like the junior twenty. Let's fast forward. I was never health conscious either. I did and still do eat what I want, but it is nothing major. I do not stuff my face with five waffles, chicken wings, french fries, McDonalds daily, etc. I do not stuff my face with salads every day either.

There were days that I would look in the middle pre-babies and say "I really need to loose this weight," and then a week later, I would get bored of exercising and start eating junk. After my twins were born, like most mom's, I decided I needed to loose the belly. Being teased for being too skinny for a long time, I was content with the thickness that I had developed, but I did want my old flat stomach again.  I joined Weight Watchers and I even coughed up $100.00 for Insanity DVDS  and although I did see results with Insanity, I slowly found myself getting bored and having the urge to eat the junk foods again. By the third week, I stopped; I got unmotivated.

I went back to the mirror and I took a hard look at myself and I wasn't ashamed of what I saw. Weird right? But I wasn't. Here I was a 26 year old African American women who did what others dream of, having twins. I turned to the side and noticed the dark stretch marks that had made a home around my body and I was proud of them; it reminded of me what a blessing it was to carry my girls for as long as I did; it reminded me of how amazing a women's body is, what changes we go through. Even with my bulge, people still tell me I look great for carrying twins or I do not look like I carried twins (that could also be because I look so young).

Who am I trying to impress? My fiance? Who may think I should loose the bulge, but loves me regardless, but in the past, I was teased for being too skinny, now I get teased for being thick or they are not use to me being this thick. It's a loose loose situation in regards to my families approval.

One day, I will be ready to "Dig Deeper" and loose the bulge, as of now, I am content how I look and who I am. I say Keep The Stretch Marks!!! I say Keep The Post-Baby Body!!...Until you are ready to loose it.

As founder of Project Bump, Inc., I am distributing NICU Christmas Care Packages to mothers and children of Overlook Medical Center in Summit, NJ. If you would like to donate anything to our 25 packages, please contact A list of the items are below.

Monday, October 29, 2012

Mya and Milani Mondays: Hurricane Sandy, Arts & Crafts

Unfortunately, we are the on the east coast where hurricane Sandy will hit. As my hubby and I are off work, the girls are out of daycare. Rainy days to me equals arts and crafts! I researched last night (while I was doing a paper for school) the kinds of activities that parents can do with 15 month olds. I came across this:

Pudding Paint

What you'll need:
1. Vanilla Pudding
2. Food coloring
3. Clothing you do not mind getting dirty
4. Blanket
5. Paper
6. Plastic or paper plates.

I so happened to have these neon food coloring in my cabinet during the days when I wanted to be baker (among other things).
 Next, I placed vanilla pudding in plastic divider plates and added the food coloring. Only a few drops.
 Placing a blanket that I did not mind getting dirty over the rug, we got to work. It took the girls awhile to figure out that they can place their hand in the pudding. They are still discovering texture.
 Here is Milani starting her art work, but got distracted by Sponge Bob. So, I turned the television off.
 Mya began to work on hers.
 Milani realized that she could eat the paint and got it all over her face.
 The results: Mya's picture.
 Milani's painting.
If you do not mind getting EXTREMELY dirty, this a fun activity to do with your little ones. It exposes them to texture and color and plus it is FUN!

Friday, October 19, 2012

For Moms Friday: Happy 15 Months Mya and Milani

I know. Usually, it's Mya and Milani Mondays, however, their 15 month milestone so happened to fall on For Moms Friday.


 Hi! I'm Mya and I am 15 months old today with my twin sister Milani. Here is my update:
 Weight: 25lbs

Height: 30 1/2 inches

Teeth: I have 6 teeth now! Four up top and two at the bottom.

Feet: Size 5

Diaper: Size 5

Clothing: 24 months and I think I am ready for 2T (sometimes I can wear 18 months).

 Eating: I have decided to eat table food a little bit more. Cheerios are my favorite. I get cranky when I am not fed first and I start shaking when I see my bottle. I am still a big girl and holding my bottle, even when I am sitting up.

Playing: I still do not like to share and I still take every toy like it is mine from Milani. I get very happy when mommy tells me to clap and I perk up and start clapping.

Walking: I walk with my mommy, but not quite on my own yet. I am a pro with my push toy.

Climbing: Yes, I love to climb on my walker, the couch, the stroller and on my parents!

Fav. TV Shows: It is still Yo Gabba Gabba, but I also like Oswald, Dora, Go Diego Go and Bubble Guppies

 I still do not listen to my parents, and Milani is still my best friend. We love to crawl down the hall together very fast and harrass our dog Snoopy. I love to sing while at Church and go down the pews. I love to talk about anything and when I am deep into playing with my toys, singing makes everything better.
Hi! I'm Milani and I am 15 months old today with my twin sister Mya. Here is my update:
Weight: 23lbs
Height: 29 1/2 inches
Teeth: I have 5 teeth now. Three at the bottom and two at the top. How did my sister pass me?
Feet: Size 4
Diaper: Size 5
Clothing: 24 months and I think I am ready for 2T. Sometimes, I can get away with wearing 18 months
Eating: I love table food and hate baby food. Anything my parents eat I am all for it. I do not have one favorite food I have several! Matter of fact, anything I eat that is regular food is my favorite!
Playing: I am into placing objects in bowls or anywhere and taking them back out. I love my play kitchen that I unfortunately have to share with my sister. I love to read and now I am into taking stuff and throwing them out of my crib. I enjoy clapping as well.
Walking: I took my first steps a couple of weeks ago. I am standing on my own and I am more confident in my walking and standing abilities.
Fav. TV Show: It is still Yo Gabba Gabba, but I love Sponge Bob!
"I'm good", "ADADA," are my favorite words to speak. I laugh at pretty much anything, especially when it comes to my sister. Yes, I love to harrass Snoopy too and beg for food from my parents
Thats all from Dem Good Time Gurls! See You Next Month!