Tuesday, April 10, 2012

I Left Gerber and Went to Beech-Nut

Happy Post Resurrection Day! While we glanced at everyone's photos on Facebook pages, Tweets and even blogs of all the little one's on Easter Sunday, we realized that maybe we should have dressed the girls up; this was their first Easter. However, we took a break from church (we go every Sunday to new disciples class because I am getting Baptize) because we didn't want to be around those who go to church only on holidays, plus it was going to be too crowded (we attend a mega church). We just stayed home and enjoyed an Easter dinner made by my soon to be husband.
We finally received our family photo that we took two weeks ago! I think this makes up for our Easter photos right? 


When the girls turned 6 months, it was time to introduce them to solids. I immediately bought a plethora of Gerber baby food and cereal. Now at 8 months and wanting to introduce them to different types of food, I realized that Gerber baby food in the jar, which is what WIC allows did not have a lot of variety. I then turned to Beech-Nut products and was completely amazed at how many variety of vegetables, fruit and dinners they had available. I purchased the vegetables and fruits that the girls were use to plus new ones to try. 

In our new adventure of trying Beech-Nut, I began with peas and carrots. Usually, the girls love peas and carrots the Gerber brand, however, noticing the consistency alone, I knew the girls were not going to like it. I tasted the Beech-Nut product and knew why. 

Beech-Nut, a Great Alternative to Puree Foods You Do Yourself

Most parents will suggest to puree your own foods for your baby because it is nutritious and less sugar. For those who do not want to or simply do not have the time, I believe (and this is my opinion) Beech-Nut is the best alternative. The girls were not use to the texture of real fruits and vegetables and it took them a second to get use to it. The food taste just like the vegetables and fruits that we eat, it even had the chunks of the vegetables and fruits in it. There was barely any sugar or salt in the products. Close to natural as we would get in baby food in a jar. I had wish that I started the girls on Beech-Nut and not Gerber. 
Gerber is very sweet and the fruits do not have any natural substances at all. In comparison, the Beech-Nut applesauce, for example, had chunks of apples in it, while the Gerber brand is very soft and process with artificial flavors; there is nothing natural about it. 

Both products use the different stages of babies development to determine the type of food to use and after reading the nutritional value for each product and although there isn't much difference, just the texture alone and the sweetness of Gerber says enough.

Again, this is my opinion on the two products.

For introducing your solids to your little one, I would recommend Gerber only because of the smooth texture. Both products have water in it, but I just find Beech-Nut to be a better alternative to making foods yourself.

What are you thoughts?


  1. You said that Gerber has sugar in it.... it is not listed on the package. Is there something they are not telling us??

  2. Although this article is kind of old, this where I received my information, and I am also going on tastes buds, the difference in calories, fiber and protein http://www.nytimes.com/1996/02/21/garden/eating-well.html?pagewanted=all&src=pm.

  3. Thanks for sharing the article!! That is very upsetting that they put all of those unnecessary ingredients in baby food. I guess I am happy that I make my own! I do sometimes have to supplement so I will be looking for other options! (Either Beach Nut as you suggested or Earth's best which I think is all organic and has no added ingredients.)