Friday, October 19, 2012

For Moms Friday: Happy 15 Months Mya and Milani

I know. Usually, it's Mya and Milani Mondays, however, their 15 month milestone so happened to fall on For Moms Friday.


 Hi! I'm Mya and I am 15 months old today with my twin sister Milani. Here is my update:
 Weight: 25lbs

Height: 30 1/2 inches

Teeth: I have 6 teeth now! Four up top and two at the bottom.

Feet: Size 5

Diaper: Size 5

Clothing: 24 months and I think I am ready for 2T (sometimes I can wear 18 months).

 Eating: I have decided to eat table food a little bit more. Cheerios are my favorite. I get cranky when I am not fed first and I start shaking when I see my bottle. I am still a big girl and holding my bottle, even when I am sitting up.

Playing: I still do not like to share and I still take every toy like it is mine from Milani. I get very happy when mommy tells me to clap and I perk up and start clapping.

Walking: I walk with my mommy, but not quite on my own yet. I am a pro with my push toy.

Climbing: Yes, I love to climb on my walker, the couch, the stroller and on my parents!

Fav. TV Shows: It is still Yo Gabba Gabba, but I also like Oswald, Dora, Go Diego Go and Bubble Guppies

 I still do not listen to my parents, and Milani is still my best friend. We love to crawl down the hall together very fast and harrass our dog Snoopy. I love to sing while at Church and go down the pews. I love to talk about anything and when I am deep into playing with my toys, singing makes everything better.
Hi! I'm Milani and I am 15 months old today with my twin sister Mya. Here is my update:
Weight: 23lbs
Height: 29 1/2 inches
Teeth: I have 5 teeth now. Three at the bottom and two at the top. How did my sister pass me?
Feet: Size 4
Diaper: Size 5
Clothing: 24 months and I think I am ready for 2T. Sometimes, I can get away with wearing 18 months
Eating: I love table food and hate baby food. Anything my parents eat I am all for it. I do not have one favorite food I have several! Matter of fact, anything I eat that is regular food is my favorite!
Playing: I am into placing objects in bowls or anywhere and taking them back out. I love my play kitchen that I unfortunately have to share with my sister. I love to read and now I am into taking stuff and throwing them out of my crib. I enjoy clapping as well.
Walking: I took my first steps a couple of weeks ago. I am standing on my own and I am more confident in my walking and standing abilities.
Fav. TV Show: It is still Yo Gabba Gabba, but I love Sponge Bob!
"I'm good", "ADADA," are my favorite words to speak. I laugh at pretty much anything, especially when it comes to my sister. Yes, I love to harrass Snoopy too and beg for food from my parents
Thats all from Dem Good Time Gurls! See You Next Month!


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