Friday, December 7, 2012

I Say Keep the Stretch Marks and Baby Fat!

Two things mothers can't wait for after the baby is born; work out intense to get their pre-baby figure and get rid of the stretch marks. As I write this blog eating a double chocolate chip fudge cookie from Subway's, you probably see where I am getting at.

Before I gave birth to my twins, I was not a size zero; I had a little budge, but I was not fat. Lets go back even further; all through high school and junior year of college, I was considered skinny. I was 110 lbs forever and it wasn't until I got a car during my junior year of college that the fat kicked in. Yes, I was not affected by the freshmen fifteen, more like the junior twenty. Let's fast forward. I was never health conscious either. I did and still do eat what I want, but it is nothing major. I do not stuff my face with five waffles, chicken wings, french fries, McDonalds daily, etc. I do not stuff my face with salads every day either.

There were days that I would look in the middle pre-babies and say "I really need to loose this weight," and then a week later, I would get bored of exercising and start eating junk. After my twins were born, like most mom's, I decided I needed to loose the belly. Being teased for being too skinny for a long time, I was content with the thickness that I had developed, but I did want my old flat stomach again.  I joined Weight Watchers and I even coughed up $100.00 for Insanity DVDS  and although I did see results with Insanity, I slowly found myself getting bored and having the urge to eat the junk foods again. By the third week, I stopped; I got unmotivated.

I went back to the mirror and I took a hard look at myself and I wasn't ashamed of what I saw. Weird right? But I wasn't. Here I was a 26 year old African American women who did what others dream of, having twins. I turned to the side and noticed the dark stretch marks that had made a home around my body and I was proud of them; it reminded of me what a blessing it was to carry my girls for as long as I did; it reminded me of how amazing a women's body is, what changes we go through. Even with my bulge, people still tell me I look great for carrying twins or I do not look like I carried twins (that could also be because I look so young).

Who am I trying to impress? My fiance? Who may think I should loose the bulge, but loves me regardless, but in the past, I was teased for being too skinny, now I get teased for being thick or they are not use to me being this thick. It's a loose loose situation in regards to my families approval.

One day, I will be ready to "Dig Deeper" and loose the bulge, as of now, I am content how I look and who I am. I say Keep The Stretch Marks!!! I say Keep The Post-Baby Body!!...Until you are ready to loose it.

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