Thursday, April 5, 2012

Lay Off the Burgers!

Yesterday was the girls 8 month doctors appointment. Usually it is a family event to go to the doctor, however, since my fiance started a new job and he was at work, I had to do the hour and 1/2 get the girls ready (and myself) alone. The girls were too funny in the doctors office. Milani decided to show the doctor her knew found trick and rolled over on the weighing scale landing tummy time position, lifting body and head like a proud peacock. Of course, Mya decides she is going to do baby crunches (lifting her head and shoulders off the floor in a plank position).  Here is a quick update about the girls thus far:

Quick Update!!!


Current Weight: 18 lb 5 oz (I don't believe, I think she weighs more)

Length: 26 inches (Gained 2 inches)

Received: Hepatitis shot, hearing test.

She is developing well. Milani has not decided that she wants to sit up too!


Current Weight: 20 lb 5 oz (Lay Off the Burgers!)

Length: 26inches and a quarter

Received: Hepatits shot, hearing test

She is also developing well. Very impresses with her development.

And to Believe my girls were born 3 lbs 1 oz (Milani) and 3 lbs 9 oz (Mya) and use to look like this:




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