Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Eczema Weekend Blues and Happy 9 Months

It is often hard to keep up with this blog even though I am still a stay at home mom. I do have a few other things on my plate such as trying to start a non profit organization, school work and the most important taking care of my twin girls and my soon to be husband in a couple of months. When I once complained that days went by slowly as I stayed at home bored, now the days go by too quickly that I barely put a dent in my things to do list. If the girls are napping, I can't help but take a snooze myself.

This weekend was a surprise because the weather said that it was going to rain on Saturday. I hate rain on Saturday's, I prefer rain on Sundays, which it did. Saturday my father and my little brother came over to see the new apartment and spend time with the girls, which was a real treat. My father and I had a really close relationship when I was younger but it drifted after my parents separated and as I got older, we started to clash...a lot. It wasn't until his 60th birthday that I decided the over 8 months of not speaking had to end. We never talked about the issue between us, just moved on because it was important that he was in my girls life.

He has become the best grandfather that my girls could ever have. He loves them so much and so does my brother who is 5 years old.

Before my dad and my brother came over, I had an aching feeling that I needed to take one of the twins, Milani to the doctor. About three weeks ago, Milani broke out all over her face in red bumps. One day she had smooth skin and the next day her face had a huge rash on it and she consistently rubbed her eyes and her face. My first thought was an allergic reaction (still is a thought in my head) but I didn't know to what. I hadn't changed anything her diet to make her break out.

When a babies skin is irritated or dry, there is only one word that makes everything all better. AQUAPHOR! Although it is really vasline, this stuff seems so powerful for babies. I immediately applied it on her face, probably all day. The bumps then transformed into dry patches of skin. Luckily, that week of the break out, I was taking the girls to the doctor.

Mya, was diagnosed with Eczema when she was four months and we (my fiance and I) apply medication when needed. Milani never had a problem with her skin until now.

The doctor told me that Milani had Eczema as well but the medication that Mya has is too strong for Milani's face. She suggested using Aquaphor or Aveeno lotion.

A couple of days after that, Milani's skin cleared but then....

she received a huge rash on her right eye that she constantly rubs and it is still there to this day.

Saturday, I took her to the doctor, in which the doctor reconfirmed that it was Eczema and prescribed claritian oral once a day 2 ml.

I found this cream that my fiance uses for his Eczema and lightly apply it to Milani's eye as well as a cold compress, but it doesn't seem to do anything. I even see it appearing on the other eye.

Yet, she is in great spirits. She seems pretty normal; happy, friendly and smiling. I will keep everyone posted on the Eczema. I wish I could give advice for those who are experiencing the same thing, but I am in the clueless boat like every other mother. Because they are so young, there isn't much I could do.

Another a note, I never got to write a Happy 9 months post, so here it is.

Weight: 21 lbs 6 oz

Height: 26 1/2 inches (Yes she is short, but she was 16 inches when she was born)

What she is doing now: Not much has changed since they are only 9 months and 4 days old but she is still grabbing. She now knows how to move in the walker so well that she can follow my fiance and I and is now pulling stuff off shelves. She is still trying to lift her self up and she is trying to crawl even more. She can reach for objects in tummy time and crawl to the objects a little bit. Mya can also roll over...when she wants to. Mya loves to be spun around, hung upside down, thrown in the air and loves to do back flips.

Weight: 20 lbs

Height: 26 inches

What she is doing now: Milani thinks she can feed her self as she constantly grabbing the spoon out of my hand and putting it in her mouth. Well, she puts a lot of objects in her mouth. She loves the walker and she has discovered how to roll back and forth. She can reach for objects during tummy time and discovered a new way to laugh, which is very funny. Milani loves to be spun around and like her sister, loves Yo Gabba Gabba.


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