Monday, August 19, 2013

I Was Meant To Live Down South

My mother was born and raised in Roanoke Rapids, North Carolina. Unlike her friends and family, she never had a southern drawl and she never thought she fit in. In summary, my mother always thought that she was never meant for down south living. At the age of 14, my mother moved to New York with my great-aunt Charlotte. She loved the quick pace, the fashion, the night life, the fast talking New Yorkers. For once, she felt that she belonged, that this city was where she needed to be. Even today, my mother can't imagine living anywhere else.

I am the total opposite. I don't think  I was ever meant for up north living. I do not talk like a typical New Yorker. I cannot stand loud music, I cannot stand loud talking, I hate being pushed, I cannot stand the trains, I hate traveling on the trains and the bus, did I mention I hate noise? I was not meant for up north living, which is why my husband and I decided to move back to Virginia; Virginia, a state I fell in love with at the tender age of 10.

My godmother is from New York but moved to Virginia after she finished her medical residency (she is a pediatrician). My mom and I visited her and her husband in Alexandria, VA (where they were living at the time). I fell in love with the peacefulness, people being polite. Most of all, I fell in love with Old Town, Alexandria. If you have never been to Old Town, get in a car and go visit. If you love antiques, historic attractions, then this is the place for you. Visit: for more information.

I also fell in love with driving everywhere, the mall, plaza centers. There weren't any corner stores, people hanging out in front of the building. Where my godmother lived, was a great place to raise a family. Where my godmother lives now in Woodbridge, is still a great place. I went to Hampton University in Hampton, VA and even though I was aware of the culture, I still had a hard time adjusting during my freshmen year. I was seeking the loud music, the cursing, the fighting that I knew in Brooklyn, NY. All I heard was the sounds of crickets. I also hated that I couldn't get on a bus to get where I needed to go. The love I had of driving everywhere in VA when I was younger had quickly died. Also, Hampton was one big boring ass circle.

Then, I fell in love with my now husband and VA had more to offer. It was nice to go out with him like to Buckroe Beach or Virginia Beach. When I graduated, I still hungered for New York City life. I turned down a job at the Virginian Pilot for a job in New York. I didn't consult my boyfriend, I just left. New York was what I knew and as a young graduate, I felt that Virginia didn't have what I needed.

Boy, was I ever wrong. Nothing went right once I came back to New York. I lost my job, I forced my now husband to quit his job (a great paying job) to move with me to New York. We ended up living in dirty Jersey where we went from nasty apartment to shady landlords to our lives eventually being threatened. The one thing or rather two things that came out of living up north was the birth of the twins. Other than that, I craved the serenity once again that VA had to offer. I missed relaxing and not rushing to go no where.

I think my friend said it best, I am a Brooklyn-Bred who does not like noise. It is crazy I know. I must say, being back in Virginia Beach and almost permanently with my family has been so peaceful. I can't wait for what more is to come.


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