Sunday, August 18, 2013

Mega HELL Trip: 16 Hours Only To Go To Hampton, VA

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For those who do not know, which is quite a few, for the past three months, my family has been separated. I will not get into detail here, that is for another blog, but due to a recurrent of events, we had to evacuate our apartment in NJ and live separately; I am living in Brooklyn and my husband was living in PA. Due to another event, we decided that this was the best time to pack up, start over and move to VA, more specifically, Virginia Beach. We discussed moving back to the Hampton roads area for years and when ish hit the fan in NJ, we thought now was a great time as any to give our children a better life and that is what we did. We now have a house (rented) in Virginia Beach. My husband and children are there while I am still working in New York, trying to figure out the best way to let my boss know that I have to resign from my position. Several factors come into play:

1. My husband finding a job and soon. This makes it a little more complicated because the girls are with him. Long story short, I kept running into dead ends in regards to finding daycare in New York. They were either too expensive or the last resort, subsidy program, will not start until September. We thought it might make sense to have them go to daycare in the area which they now reside. Of course, I miss them terribly.

2. Me, finding a job. This tough. I haven't had much luck in this area. It may be easier to find a job when I am actually in the location. Human resources see my VA address but notice I work in New York.

3. Money saved. We do not have much saved as a cushion. We are working on that though.

So, that is my life thus far in a nutshell. Crazy right? So, I decided that I would visit my family for a bit until I make the permanent move to Virginia. The most inexpensive option was to take  MegaBus. MegaBus (and I say this lightly now), is a good alternative to Greyhound. It is affordable, free wifi, hence why I am able to write this post, and the people are not too bad. I am sorry, I have run into some ratchet people on Greyhound that has made my journey very unpleasant.

 I know this Megabus UK but the caption summarizes my trip
The only scheduled bus heading to Hampton (not VA Beach), was at 12:40am. I left Friday at 11:00 just to be toward the front of the line, which was a success. The bus was a couple of minutes late, but that was no big deal. Unfortunately, I did not get a sit to myself, I had the "pleasure" of sitting next to this college student who talked to his girlfriend half the night and gave me no room to go to sleep. However, he was the least of my worries.

After I decided to get a nap in, I woke up and notice that we were in the City of Philadelphia. That was strike one. The route to Hampton does not stop in Philadelphia. Even with that in mind, the bus driver had the nerve to take forever in a day to unload luggage and do God no what else.

Strike two and this a a HUGE strike, I decided to take a nap again only to wake up to miles and miles of traffic. I couldn't even tell you how long we were in traffic but by the looks of it, the driver wasn't bright enough to get off at the nearest exit. I overheard customers discussing that they had to change to another bus in D.C. Something told me to check my ticket and sure enough, I too had to transfer in DC. This wouldn't have been a problem if the bus did not leave at 6:30am and here we are STUCK in TRAFFIC nowhere NEAR DC and it is, yup, you guessed it, 6:30am. I was no longer getting to Hampton at 10:45am.

Finally, the bus driver to decides to take an alternate route. Actually, he had no choice because the remainder of the I-95 was closed off.  Rather than let the customers on the bus know what was going on or even apologize, the bus driver decides to keep driving, even though it is apparent, he has no idea where he is going. It becomes more apparent that he lost, when we arrive at a military base.

We arrive in Washington DC at 9:30am. From 12:40 to 9:30am I was on the bus.

I wish my journey ended there.

The next bus was to arrive at 10:45AM. I immediately called Mega Bus customer service to let them know how upset I was. The representative, nonchalant told me to express my complaints via email. I hung up. Then, the Mega Bus employees in the station told us that we would have to pay a $5.00 surcharge to get on the next bus. All hell broke loose which changed the employees mind from us paying $5.00 to nothing.

10:45 came and went. We did not load the almost full bus until 11:44. By that point, my back hurt, my legs were cramped, I was hungry and my lips were dry. With major traffic between DC and Richmond, I did not arrive to Hampton, VA till 4:45PM. So lets recap; 12:40AM Friday Morning, to 4:45PM Friday afternoon. 16 HOURS!!!!! 16 HOURS!! But oh no, my journey did not stop there. I was so glad that my husband and my children were on time because if I had to wait one more second...It wasn't going to be pretty.

Traffic wasn't so bad heading to VA Beach but the only thing that was on my mind was a hamburger and sleep. I was excited, however, to see my new house. FYI, we did not purchase a house, we are renting a house with the option to buy in one year. I might add that I love my new home. It is in a quiet neighborhood and although the kitchen needs some work, I am glad that I do not have anyone living on top of me or below me.

I am glad that we have made the move to VA Beach. I think this will turn out great.

However, I will no longer take Megabus to VA Beach. I am actually flying back home and will make my ticket for the next time I visit, which will be the last time because the final time I am there to stay.


  1. Mega Bus is crazy! I also had a really bad experience with it in 2008 traveling to our Boule in Detroit!! It took us 8 hours to get from Detroit back to Chicago!! Going was okay, we had a good driver, but coming back, we actually thought our bus driver had been smoking something! lol

    First she arrived at the bus stop to pick us up on time, but then said she needed to get gas and left! Took almost an hour to go get gas and come back, we called customer service and complained then and got the same response and then the driver took what seemed to be the longest route ever to get us back, and then pulled over like 3-4 times to stop and let us use a bathroom or purchase snacks. It was nuts!

    I'm glad you made it safely and that you all are happy with your move!