Monday, October 21, 2013

Toddler Mondays: Mya and Milani's Favorite Words and Phrases

Your favorite twins are now 26 months! It is hard to grasp how much they have a grown. When they were infants I always wonder what they would sound like. What words they would say. In a blink of an eye, the girls have voices, they are speaking sentences, saying new words. Here is a list of some of their favorite words and phrases:

1. "I'm Sorry"

2. "Thank You"

3.  "You're Welcome"

4. "Happy Birthday, Mommy, Happy Birthday Gigi, Happy Birthday Daddy, Happy Birthday, Milani, Thank you, Thank you." - Milani

5. "Careful!" -Mya

6. "No, No!"

7. "No, Mya, No" -Milani

8. "Gigi, I'm coloring with crayons." -Milani

9. "I got a bunch of bones inside me!" -Mya

10. "Flowers"

11. "Mama, Mya painting pumpkins too." -Milani

12. "Matoes" -Mya

13. "Nana" -Mya (Banana)

14. "I love you, I love you too" -Mya

I could go on and on. The girls can say all their colors, animals and alphabets. They also love to sing. What are your toddlers saying?


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