Wednesday, February 20, 2013

19 Month Old Update: Mya and Milani

Time is truly flying. I remember posting my 11 week old baby bump on facebook, telling the world that I was pregnant with twins, being on bed rest, sleepless nights and now, my girls are true toddlers. I am so happy for their progress and sad that they are growing up before my eyes. I am not sad enough to have another however, let's not get that twisted.


What to say about my Cheeks. She is a true sweetheart. Mya still has slight tantrums, but she is a great listener. If you tell her no, she will stop and go on to something else. She doesn't get upset easily. She loves to share, climb on the couch and lay there as if she belongs up there. It is actually pretty cute. Mya still doesn't look where she is running or walking and ends up falling CONSTANTLY. It drives me nuts. She also loves her Nick Jr. shows. I try to cut down on the television as much as possible, but sometimes, when I need a minute, I know her shows will calm her down. Mya, although the bigger twin, is a very picky eater. She still likes her baby food and sometimes will take table food SOMETIMES. She loves to drink her juice and milk, still loves Cheerios and crackers. Mya is still STRONG. This little girl will pick up her ride toy and bring it to the living room. It is so amazing. She loves gadgets and still loves to close doors; then gets upset when she can't get it open again. Mya loves bath time.

Weight: 27 lbs?
Height: 31 1/2
Head: I never know, but she has a big head :)

Gross motor skills: Mya is running, walking, climbing, throwing balls. She loves to jump. She knows what she wants. Mya can focus when she wants to and when she sees a bottle or anything that she wants, she lets us know.

Fine motor skills: We love to watch Mya on her play phone. She starts dialing and places the phone to her ear. She builds with blocks, puts puzzles pieces back (sometimes in the right order). Mya loves to clap and when we say "good job!" she starts clapping. Mya is so helpful, she sticks her arm out to help me put her jacket on, she helps me put her hat on and shoes. She even tries to dress her self by buttoning or unbuttoning her pjs. Mya likes to pretend she is eating a bag of chips. The bag isn't even open and she will place her hand in her mouth as if she gobbled a whole bunch of food. She pretends to put lotion on her body as well. She knows Bye-Bye and will wave. Mya eats with her hands, but not using a spoon yet.

Body Parts She knows: Ear. Mya doesn't have much of an  attention span. She marches to her own beat, when she is ready she will and excel greatly.

Words She is Using: Mama, dada, caaaaaaaaaaaaaar, dooooooooooooog (yes, she sounds it out like that). Ba.

Miss Feisty herself. Milani is not a force to be reckon with. She will tell you off and then make you laugh at the same time. She is such a comedian. Milani only shares when she feels like it and boy does she love to eat! Milani is like a sponge, she picks up habits from daycare and brings it  home. She has tantrums that out of this world and starts doing this piercing cry that makes you just want to put her outside. However, she is full of love and she is a fire cracker. There is never a dull moment with Milani. Milani is always on the move, she doesn't like to sit still.

Weight: 25 lbs?
Height: 31 inches
Head: I don't know

Gross motor skills: Milani is a trip. She runs, walks, walks backwards and on her tippy toes. She loves to spin around and most recently spins with one arm up. It is so funny.

Fine motor skills: Milani is extremely advance. She eats with a spoon and her fingers. She feeds herself, which is one less toddler I have to deal with. She builds and places items logically. She takes items out of the box and put them back and repeat. She loves to give things to her parents and she loves to fee me. She also pretends she is rubbing herself with lotion. Very cute. When Milani wants something SHE WANTS IT. She points to it and she whines...a lot.

Body Part She knows: Ear, eyes, feet, tongue.

Words She is Using: Back Pack, Dog and she points to the dog in the books and our dog, mama, bye, mmmm, uh (that is when she wants you to have something), she sings all the time, hi, she waves bye bye, Car, Good.

Mommy and daddy are so pleased with your progress so far. Until 20 months....


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