Sunday, February 17, 2013

27th Birthday Recap & DIY: No Sewn Curtains

Today, February 17 is my 27th birthday. I know, I am one step closer to the age of 30. At first, I was nervous about turning another year older, but now, I embrace it. First, it is not like I can change the fact that I am getting old and second, I have accomplished and have been blessed in my 26 years. I have no complaints and I know 27 is going to be even better. Third, which is a reason my father came up with, some, do not even make it to the age of 27. For that, I am truly bless to see another year.

My birthday was pretty quiet, which is kind of ironic since I have twin girls. Besides the normal screams, running around and laughter; I enjoyed my birthday at home; with my girls, fiance and dog Snoopy. My fiance drew me a candle lit bubble bath, ordered food and next week my mom is going to watch the girls. It is hard to go anywhere with them these days because all they want to do is run and walk around. The rarely ever want to sit down.

There is a point to me talking about my birthday. I woke around 7AM. Everyone was still asleep, so I decided to get started on the curtains for the girls room. FYI, we moved into a new place, down sized greatly but I feel like it is much better than the place we were before, except the neighbor downstairs has a illegal day care that the landlord did not tell us about but I digress.

As a mom, I have had to learn a great deal, especially with having twin girls. The main lesson was learning how to braid, which I accomplished (thanks Youtube!) and the other is being frugal and being creative. In a previous post(click here), I discussed working on a nursery from that gave me inspiration. The fabric from the curtains, Suzani White (can order at, arrived at my job two weeks ago and I finally was able to go to Walmart and get the proper materials to make these curtain panels.

Now, I can sew, but with 18 month old twins, it is hard to finish a project. Using, instructions, I will share with you how I created these curtains panels and how simple it was to do so.

When I say simple, I mean SIMPLE. Just a little time consuming.

Materials You will Need:

1. Fabric of Your choice 6 to 7 yards will be PLENTY
2. Stitch Witchery or any fabric bonding tape. (I found mine at for $2.97).
3. Scissors
4. Iron
5. Ironing board
6. Measuring tape
7. Wash Cloth

Step One

Before you start cutting the fabric. MEASURE THE WINDOWS!!! You measure from the top of the windows to the bottom of the floor. I did not do that. I used the measurement of, however I was able to fix it. See below.

Step Two

Lay your fabric out on the floor and measure it to match the measurements of the windows. Because I am left handed, I cut on an angle, which results in an uneven line. If you have the same problem, fold the fabric in half and cut along the fold. Again, I measured my fabric to the measurements in the instructions and in the girls room, there is only one window so I made two panels. If you have more than one window, you use these same instructions, but repeat.

Step Three

Take your iron board and place one of the panels onto the board. Begin to fold 1/2 or 1 inch on whatever side you want to begin hemming the panel. Run your fingers down the fold to make a crisp crease. Plug in your iron and set it to wool. Iron along the fold to make the crease crisp.
Stitch Witchery in Crease

Step Four

Open your fold and place the fabric bonding tape along the CREASE of the fold and fold the soon to be hem over it.

Step Five

Take your wash cloth and make it nice and wet. If it is dry, the fabric will not stick to the bonding tape. The wetter the better. Place the wet wash cloth on part of the fold. Taking the iron, set it on top of the wet wash cloth for 10 seconds. Repeat along the fold. When you tug on the hem, it should not be able to peel back; It should be firm.

Step Six

Repeat along the whole panel, folding 1/2 or 1 inch, using bonding tape, iron the crease, place bonding tape in the crease, fold over the tape, take the wash cloth, place the iron on top of the wash cloth for 10 seconds.

As mentioned twice, I made my curtains longer than needed. No problem! I measured the windows, measured my panels. Cut where I needed and hemmed the bottom.

This is my results! I purchased the rod set from Ikea and the curtain rings from (link). When I went to Ikea to get the rod, I realized they had curtain rings there SMH. If you do not want to use curtain rings, instead of hemming the top of the panels. Take the curtain rod and place the top of the panel around the rod and hem it that way.

I didn't show the other panel, because I did not iron. PLEASE IRON YOUR CURTAINS!!! I am also going to add creases for a drapery look.

These curtains on  was $260.00. All of my materials including fabric:

Stitch Witchery (Walmart): $2.97, two pack $4.00
Black Rod ends (Ikea): $5.99 for set of two
Grand Total: $73.81
Savings: $186.19

I think it was so worth it. For my first time, doing a DIY project, I don't think I did so bad. Also, I have so much fabric left to do some other things for the girls room. Stay tune...
Room on ProjectNursery.Com

Girls curtains!