Wednesday, February 27, 2013

My Gym Fun With Mya and Milani

You know what is great about having children? All the fun things you can do with them and you as a parent are able to relive some of your favs for your childhood. I am a hands on mom, hence why I did not rest while my girls were babies. I would carry them, interact, always had them doing stuff. My mother called me a drill sergeant. My girls (as some may know) were born at 32 weeks and I wanted to make sure that they were hitting each milestone. I soon realize that they will hit each milestone at their own speed.

I am a mom that likes to go places, I hate staying in the house. The more my girls grow, the more active they have become. This only means one thing, gym!! I attempted to take them to the gym when they were 12 months and that did not go so well. Finally having a free weekend, I decided to take them to My Gym in Westfield, NJ; pretty straight ride. I will not bore you with a lot of words, the pictures speak for themselves. In other words, I need find an extra $200.00 so that my girls can enjoy.

I realized I have a lot of pictures of Milani and that is because...Mya was running around so much!! Next trip, Liberty Science Museum!!


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