Monday, November 7, 2011

Branding your baby with ear piercing

Gold Ball Studs are best for infants
Getting my daughters ears pierced is a no brainer. It is a tradition in my family for the girls to get their ears pierced by 6 months old. Yet, I am hesitant on when I want to get theirs ears pierced. I have to remember that just because they were born premature, does not mean that they are different. I think, I am little more careful with them because they were born two months early, but I am blessed to say that they are developing right on schedule, but I digress.

I read several forums to find the answers to the following questions that I had:

  1. What is the earliest age to get a babies ears pierced?
  2. How old to get a baby who was born premature ears pierced?
  3. What type of earrings is the best?
  4. Pediatrician vs. professional piercer vs. Claire's vs. piercing pagoda
For the first question, I read so many different answers that I concluded that the age to get babies ears pierced was based on preference. However, according to my doctor, after three months and when they received their first set of shots was fine. Most mothers on the forum said that they pierced their babies ears when they were as old as seven years old. Some said as young as two months old. There were those who were against ear piercing all together until the baby is old enough to make their own decision. I asked the second question because their is a gestational age for preemies. For example, my daughters were born two weeks early; they are three months now; their gestational age is one month. With that calculation, I thought that their physical development equaled their gestational age; not true.

My friend told me that she went to the mall to get her daughters ears pierced but I was and I still am weary about doing that. I feel more comfortable having it done by their pediatrician because of Mal practice insurance (if she messes up then I have the opportunity to sue) and she knows my daughter. The only issues is that she is pricey, $40.00 per baby. That is $80.00 plus $40.00 copay. At the mall, the ear piercing is free when you purchase their earrings. Yet, I am not sure if I am comfortable having a stranger pierce their ears and I do not know if they are licensed or not. How do I know that they are trained to pierce ears? I can't risk that.

After speaking with the doctor about piercing the girls ears, I asked what type of earring was best for them. A ball stud and 24 carat gold plated is the best for the girls. Gold earrings are typical the best choice.

Some might think that I am over reacting or piercing their ears not a pressing issue. It isn't but we are taking pictures on Saturday and I wanted their ears done. Besides, I am tired of strangers asking if they are boy or girl. Why would I put boys in a pink car seat with a huge pink blanket to cover them?

What is your position on the issue? To pierce or not to pierce? That is the question.


  1. after first I too was hesitant about ear piercings. Initially I was going to get my daughters ears pierced and thought I would let her later on down the line make that decision. BUT at 9 months I finally got them pierced and I cried b/c she cried (lol so sappy). Now I questioned whether I should have gotten them done b/c her ears are super sensitive and she can only wear the 24k studs and its been 4 yrs..smh