Tuesday, November 22, 2011

5 Items You Must Have for Your Baby in Your Medicine Cabinets

I received a huge reality check, yesterday, November 21st 2011. My twin girls were not perfect. They are defenseless to certain germs and they do not have an invisible bubble surrounding them against infections. My girls CAN get sick. Three days ago this became apparent when Mya started to sneeze and mucus dribbled down her little nose. Like a domino effect, Milani coughed minutes after. Sniffling back in forth and with Mya developing a rash around her neck that was not going away, I began to get frustrated. My girls do not get sick, I thought I took all precautions to protect them; the rain cover for their Cadillac stroller, three layers of clothing plus hat and sneakers. What more could I do? "It is not your fault, the weather is changing, this is the time most babies get sick," my mother reassured me. She should know about parenting, she did give birth to me 25 years ago.

As a new mom, I tried not to get flustered (oh how hard that was). However, as I start to get the hang of being a parent, I began to think more clearly. I laid in my bed and thought, what I could I give my children to help with their sniffles? Memories of the NICU surrounded my brain and the image of one of the nurses handing me saline came to my mind. I popped up from the pillow and ran to the closet that held their first aid kit. Untouched were two tubes of saline packaged in a see through pink plastic. This should flush their mucus out and I will be able to use the nose suction, which they love so much (sarcasm) to help.

What was I going to do about Mya's rash that was now transcending toward her chest?

Mya's Rash
We went to the doctor yesterday in which she prescribed a medication much stronger for Mya's rash. I will update to let you know how it is clearing. My experience of taken care of two children with colds, inspired me to write this blog. Specifically in Mya's case, I had to go back and forth to the pharmacy for products that worked in the beginning for her rash. If there was a package that were given to new moms, some of the items that I had to go buy, would be in that bag. Here are my top five items, that are must for your babies:

  1. Saline: All doctors are different. My doctor said that my girls are too young to receive any medication and saline is the best bet to help with the sniffles. I think also because my girls did not have a temperature and therefore was not necessary to prescribe medicine. Saline is sold over the counter and if your baby is still in the NICU or ICU, just ask the nurses to give you a sample. Saline is great in breaking down the mucus and helps get it out of your infants system. Be sure to give two to three drops in each nostril while positioning your infant upright. Use a nose suction immediately after the drops because you do not want the saline to go down their throat. 
  2. Aquaphor: Aquaphor is great for reducing baby acne on your infants face. It is also good for redness that might appear in the crease of your infants neck or genital area. 
  3. Cornstarch Powder:  Cornstarch powder (not the one you cook with) is great for absorbing moisture in rashes. It dries the rashes out, however it does not get rid of rashes. I like Johnson & Johnson Cornstarch Powder for infants, but Gold Bonds makes a good one as well. 
  4. Nose Suction: This pairs with saline. As stated before, some doctors do not recommend medication for infants for colds. After adding a couple of drops in your babies nose, the suction helps the mucus come up.
  5. Baby Oil:  I mentioned this in my previous blog on Cradle Cap (I hope that you have been reading). Baby oil is not just great for your babies skin but I use it for my daughter's scalp. She has Cradle Cap and baby oil helps bring the flakes up from the scalp. 
What is in your medicine cabinet for your little one?

Happy Reading! :)


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