Monday, November 14, 2011

Mya and Milani Watch: Portrait Studio Debacle

I had this idea in my head of how my girls 3 month photo shoot would go; In my mind, they were the perfect angels, they smiled, were cooperative and were awake. I kept this idea all the way to the portrait studio last Saturday. Oh, how wrong I was. The girls were both asleep when we arrived at the studio. We were an hour early and sat in the waiting room until our names were called. Milani must have realized that the stroller had stop moving because she woke instantly. That was my cue to feed her so that she would be that perfect angel that I had created in my mind. Mya, was unfortunately still asleep.

When the photographer called our names, I told my fiance to wake Mya. BIG MISTAKE! Her eyes slowly opened and then the sound that most moms cringe over.


She would not stop crying! Mya is always fussy. Sweet, she smiles, laughs and talks (babble) but overall fussy. I hoped that she would not show the real Mya but she was in full force. She would not pose at all. Milani was ready for the camera and after patiently waiting for Mya to get it together, Milani fell asleep. The photographer tried several methods to get Mya to calm down. We gave her the pacifier and on cue the photographer told me to quickly take it out her mouth.

This was the result.

Not too bad. All the poses that I wanted to do, Mya was not having it. She screamed, she yelled, she cried, she fought. My fiance even tried to give her a bottle, thinking a little taste of formula would calm her down. Mya wanted the whole bottle and would not compromise. An hour and half later, the flustered photographer decided that she had enough. My fiance and I went back to the waiting room with the babies frowning with disappointment. We both thought that the shoot would go a lot smoother and after Mya received her full 7 oz of milk, she was a pleasant baby in the waiting room. It was like my daughter was bipolar or 7 oz formula was what spinach was for Popeye. She was not the same baby that came out of the shoot wailing and throwing her arms.

Twenty minutes later, the photographer told us that the pictures were ready for us to view. In my head I'm thinking how was she able to get any photos with Mya the crazy?? However, they came out pretty good.

What We Should Have Done Differently

  1. Take photos at a time when you KNOW your baby will be awake: This was mistake number one. I was so anxious to take their pictures on Saturday that I didn't care what time slot it was. I knew that around 4pm to 5pm, the girls take their naps. Therefore, I faced the consequences. 
  2. Feed before the photo shoot: When Milani woke up to eat, I should have woke Mya up so that she could eat, therefore eliminating an embarrassing situation of her crying hysterically.
  3. Be prepared that you will NOT spend $10.00 for photos: This was my first time taken photos professionally. Although I had a  coupon, I was not prepared to like so many of the images (there wasn't that many). Be prepared to spend at least $50.00. 

Share your experience. Do you have any photo shoot disasters with your little ones?

**Click here to view my girls photos**


  1. I did pics with my son at 2 weeks, 3months, 6months. I wasn't too happy with the results of those pics because like Mya he was cranky and fussy through the whole shoot. We even did the pacifier trick but that hardly worked. At his 1 year photos that's when things went smooth he was smiling and happy and we got a ton of great pics to choose from. Things will get easier.
    Also despite the fussiness the pics of your girls are bluetiful!!

  2. I have not got pictures done yet,but will do doing them here soon. I don't think I am going to have any problems. Chase is so layed back and only crys when he is Hungary or wants me to pat his butt to sleep