Thursday, November 10, 2011

What is in a name?

Before I became pregnant, I would create a list of names that I would choose from to name my baby. It's funny that I did not choose any names of the list I created to name my twin girls. It is easy to think of names when you do not have a bean or in my case two beans growing inside you. Once it becomes reality, picking in a name is by far the most stressful and it does not come easily. For some, choosing a name might be a no brainer especially if they have a boy (usually they will be a junior).

Will they be able to work on Wall Street?

As I decided on names for my twin girls, I asked this question, "will they be able to work on wall street?" I don't mean literally work on wall street, however I would not be upset if they did, but will they land a job in corporate America. If an HR manager sees their resume, will they automatically know that they are of African American decent? This was an important factor because lets face it, minorities have to strive and work harder. There is a huge stereotype about African Americans work ethic and more corporate companies are hesitant to higher minorities, I do not care if they say they are an equal opportunity company.

I wanted a name that would fool an HR manager. That might sound silly, but I don't believe in made up names. I don't want to say ghetto names, but, I hope you know what I mean.

Discussing the names with your partner

Beautiful Mya
Picking the perfect name is a challenge; coming to a consensus with your partner is even harder. I felt as if   I suggested every name in the English language and my fiance was not budging. Every name seem to either reminded him of someone he did not like, did like, or thought it was too "ghetto" or too "proper." I am not sure how we came into an agreement about Mya. I think, we rolled the name around our tongues, spoke the name aloud a couple of times and decided that the name had a beautiful ring and it was befitting for our beautiful girl (at the time, we thought we were having one of each.) It is important to have your partner's input. If he or she is becoming difficult, ask them what names did they have mind? When discussing names, incorporate a list so that they have a lot to choose from. I suggest having the meanings (if there are any) next to the names.

Meaning of Mya

The name Mya just came to us. We fell in love like a women does when she finds the perfect wedding dress. We just knew, that it was the one.
Mya (Greek): Great Mother.

Meaning of Milani

Cute Milani
My godmother came to visit my mother and I three weeks before I actually delivered. Now that I knew I was having two girls, I had no idea what the second name was going to be. I wondered if the names should sound a like such as Mya and Mia or start with the same letter or be entirely different like Georgia and Christina. My fiance and I decided that we wanted the same letter names. During breakfast, my godmother was on her IPhone and landed on the name Milani. At first, I was not in love with the name, but after moments of thinking about it, I thought it was perfect. It was unique, original and pretty.
Milani (Hawaiian): Gentle, Caress.


  1. Hey I think I had a difficult time naming just one. I definitely agree with the whole wall street corporate america issue, which quickly narrowed down names. In the end, we as parents decided to do a dedication name to women we love and had passed, hence Faye Antionette :).. Second runner up was Sydney Elizabeth..which I am saving for later :)