Monday, May 14, 2012

Ask MiMi Mondays: Playing together and Your First Mothers Day

Dear Mimi, 
I am going to be a new mother of twin girls, identical, and I wanted to know how has it been playing together with your sister? Also, what did you do for your mother on Mother's Day? 
- Evelyn, Orlando Florida

Hi Evy!

Thank you for your question. I have loved my sister ever since we were days old, but she always ignored me. Every time mommy would bring her in the room, I would laugh and smile and she would just turn her head. It wasn't until we were able to sit up on our own that she finally realized hey that is my twin sister Milani! I like her. Mommy and GiGi got us a play pen for our room and now we sit in it with all of our toys and play. Sometimes Mya will take all the toys from me and hide them behind her back so that I can't get them, but that's okay, because mommy will come in and take the toys from behind her back and let me play with them or she will give me some more toys. I am not bothered by Mya taken the toys, as long as she doesn't take my pacy,which she loves to do also. My pacy is always attached to my onesie and she will reach over and grab it! I don't like that! Now I know when I take a toy from her, she isn't mad, she just finds something else. We are learning to share.

Sometimes it gets rough because Mya will get very excited and topple over and kick me! Then I scream so loud that mommy comes running in and saves me. I know Mya doesn't mean it, but I wish she was more aware of her surroundings! When I fall over, I like to pull Mya's hair, she doesn't mind though; I like how it feels. We are working on getting along in the play pen. When mommy does tummy time with us, Mya likes to keep to herself and crawl around the room and explore, I like to stay in one spot and play with my pacy.

Daddy and I went out to get mommy flowers for mothers day and my sister and I helped cook breakfast. When I say helped, we watch Yo Gabba Gabba and kept quiet so that daddy could prepare breakfast. We even wrote her a card. While she went out to see GiGi and our cousins, we stayed home with daddy and played Gears of War 3 and ate. I missed mommy though.

- MiMi

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