Thursday, January 24, 2013

Mya and Milani: 18 Months

I failed the blog for 30 day challenged, I failed the New Years resolution already. Basically, I have not kept my word on blogging regularly. In my defense, here is what I am working with:

1. Working on my masters
2. Working full time
3. Girls are in daycare and bring back colds, flu's, everything
4. I had the flu
5. Moving
6. Trying to finish the final paper work for my non profit
7. Did I mention working full time?

I have a lot on my plate. However, I do vow to take time during work (when I get in on time), to blog. Writing is my stress reliever. Also, I start to ponder what topics I want to write about. What will captivate my audience? Who actually reads my blogs? Then I thought, Jamila, just write for you. Write anything you want in regards to being a mom, a new mom, and a mom of twins. Write about your obessions, new baby products, what is going on with the twins. So, that is what I am going to do. Anyway, this blog is not about me, it is about my favorite two girls in the world! Mya and Milani. I missed their 17 month report (my bad), but here is their 18 months.


Weight: 27lbs
Height: 30 1/2 inches (Find out exact height January 26)
Favorite Toy: Ride on car she got from Christmas
Favorite Show: Dora the Explorer, favorite song "I'm the Map!"
Favorite Saying: "ADADADADAAAAA" or "MAMAMA" or "Yeah"
Anything New? Mya has a total of 12 teeth. She recently got two back teeth at the top and two back teeth at the bottom. She has become more picky in eating than anything else. Mya loves putting objects in my hand for some reason. She loves to dance now and pushes every object across the floor. She now waves bye bye. Other than that, she is still your sweet Mya. Loves to talk, clap her hands and eat her favorite snacks, which are fruit and cheerios.
Weight: 25lbs
Height: Find out January 26
Favorite Toy: Puzzles
Favorite Show: Team Umizoomi
Favorite Saying(s): "Hi" or "Car" or "Job" or "Bye-Bye"
Anything New? Milani said a new word "car" she spins around, and dances on her tippy toes. She loves to eat and is now trying to feed herself with the spoon. Milani mimics everything and she even takes my hands and puts them on parts of my body.
These fun loving twins are growing up so fast! Until 19 months.


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