Friday, August 23, 2013

Happy Friday: Silly Questions To A Mom of Twins

Happy Friday everyone! I saw this topic on one of the blogs that I follow and I laughed at the end of her posting. As a mom of twins, I am hit with the silliest questions. However, I never laugh in the person face because they are asking to know what it is like to be a mother of twins. Here  are some of my favorites:

Dressed alike and in dresses!!!
1. Are they twins? *Yes, when they are clearly dressed just alike. I am not that type of mom if I had two daughters a year apart and dressing them alike. 

2. They are so cute, boy or girl? *This question came up constantly especially when the girls had pink blankets covering them. 

3. How do you do it? *I don't have a choice

4. Double trouble right? *Yes, my girls are two are into exploring but they aren't any trouble thanks 

5. Wow they are identical? *I get this question every single day. Each time I get this question I wonder if people are seeing something I'm not. One has a wider face and big cheeks, one is lighter with a narrow face. In summary, my daughters are fraternal twins; not identical
One has a round face the other has a narrow face

6. Who helps you with the girls? *This isn't totally silly, but I want to say I'm married, my husband does! or, I am not alone, I have tons of family support! But, they do not know. 

7. Do twins run in your family? *Not a silly question, but yes, twins run in my family and my husband's family.

8. Which one is the good twin? *They are both good, but they both have their moments, just like you and I. We aren't happy all the time right?

9. Was this natural? *Um yes, no fertility drugs here. I don't like needles

10. I don't know how you do it. *Not a question, but I get this statement followed by a shake of the head. 

11. Which one is older? *Does it matter? 

Don't they BOTH look friendly?
12. That one seems to be the friendlier one right? 

13. My cousins/uncle/daughter/friends/aunt have twins too. *That's nice

14. Do you want more? *No, that means that is another chance to have another set of twin. No thank you. 

Moms of multiples, what are some of the silliest questions you have dealt with?


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