Friday, July 20, 2012

Where Have We Been?

It is has been awhile and we have missed our mommy bloggers, readers and fans. I have not blogged in so long that I lost a follower. In one of my last blogs, I mentioned how hard it is has been to manage my time to write, work, school work, and take care of the babies. I will try to write more, however, I cannot promise every day like I use to. Yet, here is the Walker (and Simmons :) update:

The Mom

  • Working Full-time for almost two months 
  • Still in school, but struggling 
  • Tired more than ever
  • Trying to become more social
  • Still loves her girls to death!! 
  • Playing step mom to her step children who are here for the Summer

The Dad 

  • Still the head of the household
  • Working
  • Enjoying his girls 
  • Enjoying his other children who are here for the Summer
  • Still loves video games 

The Girls: Mya Bear and Milani Cake 

  • Turned One on Thursday, July 19th 
  • Into everything
I will have a detailed update tomorrow on the girls. Not much has changed with us, just much busier. We haven't forgotten and will write tomorrow.


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