Sunday, June 10, 2012

Top 10 Advice Every Mom (and Mom-to-be) Should Follow

It has been awhile since I blogged. I didn't realize how tough it would be to manage working full time, school and raising my twins, however, we are managing. The job is going very well and the girls are adjusting to day care (I will write a blog on how to find the right day care and our experience soon).

As the girls reach 11 months in two weeks, I started to think back of all the trial and errors of being a new mom, what worked and did not work as a mother of twins and advice I wished I listen to rather than thinking I knew everything there was to be a mom. To the new moms, soon to be moms and veterans, this blog is for you; my top ten advice I WISH I listened to.

10. Do not stop breastfeeding: Around four months, I had enough. My milk supply was low and when the girls came home, it was tough to find time to pump. I could not get five minutes in without one of the girls  crying.

9. You are having twins; plan the shower early: Well, I had the shower the day after Mya was released from the NICU.

8. Start with a bassinet first, not a crib: Like most new mothers, I was very eager to have the perfect nursery. In my mind, a nursery should have a crib. If you think that your baby is going to sleep in a crib for long periods of time or even at all, you are mistaken. Babies younger than 6 months do not know how to self soothe. It is must easier and less stressful to by a bassinet and for the first couple of months; the baby can sleep in the room with you. I learned the hard way.

7. Give the baby water: My doctor was adamant of not starting the girls on water until they turned 6 months. Four months later and the girls DETEST water. It is okay to give the baby 2 oz the max before 6 months; it helps flush their system.

6. Purchase two cribs: After listening to a mother of twins who stated that her children slept in one crib with no problem, I immediately thought my girls would do the same. Oh, how wrong I was. The spent almost a month in the NICU sleeping separately and therefore was already use to that arrangement. Mya came home first and had a week of being alone in the nursery. For moms of twins, buy two cribs, better yet, purchase two bassinets. It will save you a headache and give you a couple more minutes of sleep.

5. Follow a schedule: I was very against a schedule when the girls were born but as weeks went by with Mya, especially staying up half the night, I realized a set schedule was necessary; a routine is a better word for it. Now that they are older, I do not use a schedule as much but for bedtime I do.

4. Have Bottles Prepared: In total I prepare ten bottles a day. I found a different strategies in doing so, but when the girls were younger, I had a hard time getting bottles ready; I was too tired!

3. Do not forget diapers, wipes and bottles when you go out, even if it is for five minutes: I made this mistake when I went to the mall with the girls and did not bring their baby bag. Mya took a nasty stinky and my fiance had to flag a couple with an infant down to loan us a diaper. It was too small but it did the job.

2. Do not let the baby sleep in the bed with you: There are nights that I can't get Milani out of our bed!

1. When the girls are asleep YOU SLEEP!:  I used that time to watch television, do homework and relaxed not realizing that when babies are a month old; they do not sleep that long! Now the girls are 10 months, sleep through the night and take longer naps, I sleep as well...I use to before I started working.

*What is your advice?"