Thursday, October 4, 2012

31 Day Challenge - Day 4: Throwback Thursdays

Yes, I am back from hibernation! For those who do not know, the 31 day challenge is to blog every single day for 31 days about anything. The point is that you are challenged to blog every day. When I was a stay at home mom, this was not a challenge, this was a part of my day, but now that I am a working and school mom, this is definately a challenge, but I am up for it. I missed day one, two and three, so I will blog every day until November to make up for the days I missed. I decided, in order to organize myself, that I would categorizes for my blogs. Today is throwback Thursdays!

This throwback Thursday is a picture of me while pregnant with Mya and Milani:

Can you guess how many weeks I was?

27 Weeks! The story, my cervix opened 1 cm at 24 weeks and I was placed on bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. Here I am on the couch in my first apartment in New Jersey, bored! I miss the feeling of the girls moving around my stomach. Post your pregnancy pictures on our facebook page! preemietwinandme!!


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