Monday, October 29, 2012

Mya and Milani Mondays: Hurricane Sandy, Arts & Crafts

Unfortunately, we are the on the east coast where hurricane Sandy will hit. As my hubby and I are off work, the girls are out of daycare. Rainy days to me equals arts and crafts! I researched last night (while I was doing a paper for school) the kinds of activities that parents can do with 15 month olds. I came across this:

Pudding Paint

What you'll need:
1. Vanilla Pudding
2. Food coloring
3. Clothing you do not mind getting dirty
4. Blanket
5. Paper
6. Plastic or paper plates.

I so happened to have these neon food coloring in my cabinet during the days when I wanted to be baker (among other things).
 Next, I placed vanilla pudding in plastic divider plates and added the food coloring. Only a few drops.
 Placing a blanket that I did not mind getting dirty over the rug, we got to work. It took the girls awhile to figure out that they can place their hand in the pudding. They are still discovering texture.
 Here is Milani starting her art work, but got distracted by Sponge Bob. So, I turned the television off.
 Mya began to work on hers.
 Milani realized that she could eat the paint and got it all over her face.
 The results: Mya's picture.
 Milani's painting.
If you do not mind getting EXTREMELY dirty, this a fun activity to do with your little ones. It exposes them to texture and color and plus it is FUN!


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