Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Transitioning from Stay at Home to Working Mom Part 1

Happy Wednesday! I was suppose to blog yesterday, but I have finals that I need to take care of and most importantly, I wanted to spend time with my family, because roughly two weeks...I will joining the rest of the working moms in the workforce. Excited? Yes. Sad? Very much so.

Saying Goodbye to Staying at Home 

Just when I was I coming to grips of being a stay at home mom, (after 9 months), putting all my faith and stress into God's hands, I received a phone call for a job interview who I sent my resume to over a month ago. I was thrilled! Went to the interview, sent my thank you e-mail and yesterday I received the news that I was offered the position. It was everything that I was looking for, meaning I was ready to go back to join the workforce.


Some may think I am crazy to have the opportunity to stay at home with my children and watch them grow and develop. Do not get me wrong, I loved it, let me rephrased, I recently began to embrace being home. Before I was very stressed with homework, trying to start a business, cleaning the house, taking care of the kids, my fiance doing as much as he could to help me out after a hard day of work and finances. After speaking with my mother and my fiance, I realized that I needed to just RELAX, something I never done in my life. I put my own business on hold (but not my non profit), I focused on school and I spent every last minute with my children, enjoying every little thing that they did. I didn't worry about a job. I would send a resume here or there but I wasn't too concern. I knew God had a plan for me because I was never out of a job this long; I was no longer afraid about how we would pay bills, because I knew God was going to protect us. Sidebar, I do not know how many of my readers are religious or not, but I am and I will never push religion on anyone nor will I dedicate a specific blog on my religion.

Yet, staying at home was taken a toll on me. I do not have many friends and the friends that I do have live in New York. It is kind of hard to visit friends in New Jersey when my fiance has the car to go to work, I can't get on the bus with a double stroller and there isn't much around. However, I managed. Being confined to the walls of my house every day, forgetting to shower, sleeping while the girls slept, which resulted in me not getting a lot of my work done, was making me go stir crazy.

What I Will Miss About Staying At Home 

The perk of staying at home was the watching the girls develop. Since they were born premature, every milestone is such a huge achievement for Aaron and I. My girls are who I am going to miss. Nothing more.

Trying to Find Day Care 

I am so last minute. To put things in perspective; I am not rich; no where near and therefore rely on public assistance such as WIC to take care of my children. I especially need to rely on public assistance for child care, however, it takes 45 days to process the application. I spent all day today looking at day care, stressed out about the prices, figuring out how I am going to afford this. I know, God will have a way for me.


  1. Hey Jamila, I'm Iris (blogger from: From One Twin Mom to Another)...I'm excited I came across your blog and just realized that you too are in the east coast and are going through the similar working mommy transition as me. I have 8 month old twin girls and live in NYC. I originally planned to go back to work once the girls turned a year old but daycare put a stop to that idea. The prices are more than overwhelming and I know there was no way I was going to make more than I would have to pay for two babies to be in daycare full-time. Recently I started working as a design repp for Silpada..a beautiful sterling silver jewelry line. I work form home and it's probably the best decision I've made for myself and my family. Check out my blog and read up on the post I made about working mommy's. I'm actually going to be having a launch party her in NY on May 26th. If you can get a babysitter I'd be happy to have you come and check out some of the jewelry in person. This company has a lot to offer women like us, and could even be a part time thing if that's all the time you have. PS- love your blog..a lot of your experiences are the same I have been going through with my twins. It's great reading up on other mommy's and what they have done to become great twin moms =) Keep up the good work!