Monday, May 21, 2012

For MOMS by MOMS- Baby Gear

Today is another Monday link up with AmandaMegan, Heather and Jennifer to discuss baby gear for multiples. My list can also be related to moms who have singles, expectant moms and those who are just interested in babies. I am not paid to give reviews on the gear and again these are my opinions based on my experiences of being a mom.

Advice # 1: Moms of Multiples, start your registry early, plan your baby shower EARLY

Advice I wished I listen to almost a year ago. To add to the advice, never listen to friends, especially those who have children. My former friend (yes, former) was very negative through out my pregnancy. She wasn't too keen on me announcing the world that I was pregnant at 11weeks (before I found out that I was having twins) because she said and I quote "you never know what can happen during your pregnancy, you may loose the baby." From that response, I waited and waited to start my baby registry to the point that this same friend would ask "when are you starting your registry? When are you planning your shower?" Well, one thing that this friend said was correct, you never know what can happen during pregnancy, in which I was put on bed rest at 24 weeks and I delivered a month before my baby shower, which was schedule August 13th 2011. Before I was put on bed rest, I wanted to have the baby shower in July, but everyone seemed to be busy. I even wanted to have it in June, but I thought that was way too early.

Always go with your gut feeling and remember, this is YOUR baby shower. You do not have to accommodate people, they need to accommodate you. Those who are carrying multiples, start your registry at least by 20 weeks.

Two of Everything? Maybe

When I found out that I was having twins, everyone reaction was the same, you are going to need TWO OF EVERYTHING! Yes and no. Truth moment, I am not rich. My husband and I struggle to survive and if it wasn't for the support of our family and some friends, we would not have anything, my girls would not have much. We are so grateful that we can provide for them as much as we could and have love ones that do the same. There are some items that they can really share. Depending on your space, some big items you may want to get one of, such as a walker. It also depends on the personality of the babies. Although I did eventually buy another walker, I started with just one because of the twins love to walk and the other was pretty content in the pack in play or the activity seat.

My Top Picks of Baby Gear 

I tried to find my registry on, however, it was almost a year ago and it is GONE! This list contains items that I have used and items that I wished I used in the beginning.

The Girls and I Reading Dr. Seuss at 3 months
1. Boppy: This is just a given item to have. I used it when the girls were 3 months because they were trying to sit up, they like to lean back as well and it is a great substitute for lying them on the bed. Do not let them sleep in it however because they will try. I never used it to feed them because one of my twins had reflux, but it was wonderful to use when we were reading. I am huge on using gently used items. When you have twins, the cost of the babies DOUBLE! If you have friends or family members who take care of their items and they have baby stuff, clothes, cribs, etc. TAKE THEM! I was lucky to receive two boppies from my mother's co-worker, in excellent condition. Always wash the gently used items. Because I take care of my stuff, I now can give them away to those who need them.

2. Bright Starts Comfort and Harmony Cradling Bouncer: This was on my registry and it is such an affordable bouncer. It vibrates, plays music and has a lot of cushion. My girls do not use this any more, but it was great when they were one to two months especially when they were not sleeping in their cribs. I also recommend a swing, which you can see in the picture that was given to us. The swing is Fisher Price, but they do not make that particular one any more. Click here to purchase.
The Pink Bouncer is Bright Starts

3. Baby Trend Snap and Go Stroller Frame: Thanks to my mom, this is the best option for moms with twins. It is an affordable stroller frame that works for almost any brand of car seats. When they are newborns, it is hard to find a stroller that will accommodate two. The stroller frame is convenient because you just place the car seat in the frame and go. It does not take up a lot of space. Click here for a better picture.
Two Months, first day out in the Stroller Frame

4. NoseFrida: When my girls had RSV, click here for my blog on that topic, they had so much mucus that the normal nose suction was not working. My doctor, after throwing out my nos suction, told me about the NoseFrida. For around $15.00, this device will save your life! You control the intensity of the suction, because... You are the suction! It does not irritate the baby and you will be surprise how much mucus comes out that the typical suction misses. To purchase, click here

5. Sony 900MHz BabyCall Nursery Monitor with 2 Receivers: When I first received the baby monitor, I loved it! Now, it gets on my nerves and I rarely use it! It is great for the first couple of months, but it is annoying when you just want to sleep and every five minutes, one of the babies are crying. It is great if your babies have their own room. To purchase, click here.

6. Diaper Genie: I have read several blogs, bashing the diaper genie as one of the baby gear that you can live without, including the changing table, wipe warmers, etc. Well as a mom who changes over 16 diapers a day, the diaper genie is a life saver. I live in an apartment building, in which the garbage is collect two times a week. Before the diaper genie, we had to toss the diapers in our garbage and take out the garbage every day, wasting bags. Some say, that a typical trash can will suffice, but I disagree. the Diaper Genie covers the smell (you can also by baking powder scents to clip on the diaper genie) of the diapers and although the Diaper Genie trash bags are costly, it is worth it. To purchase, click here.

7. Baby Buddy 5 Pack Size-It Closet Organizers: For any mom this would be a life saver, but moms of multiples will find this to be the best thing since slice bread. With all of the clothes that you will receive from the baby shower, people donating, etc. it is hard to keep track of all of the sizes. There are times where my girls grew out of clothes because I did not know I had them. To purchase, click here.  

8. Summer Infant Super Seat Booster/Infant Positioner:  Great for mealtime and playtime. It provides a secure and comfortable area for growing infants to learn to sit up and interact with the environment around them while enjoying happy playtime. All states have a 3-point crotch restraint for baby's safety and 2 sets of chair straps for added security. To purchase click here.

9. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders: One of my favorites. The girls are intrigued by the movements, ocean sounds and soothing tunes. To purchase, click here.

10. First Years Sure Comfort Deluxe Tub: Has a sling for newborn's first bath. It also has another side for infant, when they are able to sit up. It is an affordable tub that has a drainer for the water. To purchase, click here

There are so many things I could discuss, but here is a quick list, click the text to view the rest of my go to baby gear.


  1. I love the advice about planning your baby shower early. I didn't have a shower since it wasn't my first baby, but I went into labor at 30 weeks and was on bed rest until I delivered. So, I definitely, would have had to have my baby shower EARLY. =) Great post!

  2. I skipped the shower completely because I was so paranoid I didn't announce my pregnancy till I was 36 weeks (being a plane flight from almost all family members helped). In answer to the question you asked on my blog, my girls were born at 39 weeks

  3. oh my goodness.....those little girls are gorgeous!!

    i love the advice about planning the shower early! we totally did the snap n go stroller...i LOVED it because if the girls were sleeping in their carseats, you didn't have to wake them up to put them in the stroller. and we loved bouncy seats, too....although i only had one (but i wished for two!).

    great to 'meet' you :) i'm your newest follower!

  4. I didn't have a baby shower until I was almost 38 weeks. I was such miserable company. LOL. Should have had it sooner. I had so much stuff to return.

    Your babies are adorable:)